Ron Timpanaro has been creating masterpieces of
    glass mosaics, stone, marble and ceramics for over
    thirty years.  Trained by masters and blessed with
    artistic vision, his attention to detail and perfection
    are evident in every completed work.
           About ten years ago, a designer asked Ron to
    install sea shells on a piece of furniture he had
    designed.  Ron took on the tedious task with great
    enthusiasm and since then he has created dozens of
    tables, mirrors, tile inserts and light fixtures that
    are truly pieces of art.  Some of Ron's creations
    have been featured in national magazines and grace
    some of the country's most magnificent homes.

           When a designer, architect or homeowner calls
    upon Ron to do a project they can rest assured that
    the combination of his artistic ability, attention to
    detail and painstaking craftsmanship will be
    admired by generations.  Like the great works of
    notable Italian artisans, Ron's work will stand the
    test of time.

           Call or email for prices of the pieces shown on
    our site or for an appointment for a consultation on
    your own personal project.  You can design your
    own piece or Ron can design it for you!
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